Rare Earth

Artist: Rare Earth
Album: 70s: Rare Earth
Music Genre: Rock, R&B, Acid Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Blue-Eyed Soul, AM Pop, Soul, Motown, Psychedelic/Garage
Year: 2015
Play Time: 01:19:48
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Quote :
Rare Earth began as an R&B band called the Sunliners in Detroit in 1961. Of the musicians who would be part of the band dubbed Rare Earth, only sax player Gil Bridges and drummer Pete Rivera were present. John Parrish joined on bass in 1962. Rod Richards became a guitarist with the group in 1966. Keyboardist Kenny James came into the fold the same year. After years of doing the club circuit, the group changed their name to Rare Earth and released Dreams/Answers on Verve. The album received little reaction and the group was picked up by Motown Records as the first act on their yet-to-be-named new label. Rare Earth suggested to Motown that the label name their new subsidiary after the band and Rare Earth Records was born.

When they set out to record their first album, they essentially ran out of material and did a 21-minute rendition of the Temptations’ “Get Ready” to fill out the space. The album was making no headway on the charts for a long period of time. So they took the first three minutes of “Get Ready,” released it as a single and it made its way into the U.S. Top Ten list, peaking at number four. Pulled along by the success of the single, the album also began to sell, breaking the Top 20, and Rare Earth‘s career was officially on its way. The second album, Ecology, was released in June of 1970, a couple months short of a year after “Get Ready” had been put out. Interestingly enough, Ecology was not really the group’s second album, but their third. An album entitled Generation was recorded as the soundtrack to the film of the same name. When the film stalled at the box office, the album was shelved. Still, Ecology would yield not one, but two hit singles. The first was “(I Know) I’m Losing You” (another Temptations cover), which also broke the Top Ten. The second single, “Born to Wander,” did not fare quite so well, but did make the Top 20. The album was catapulted to number 15.

Not wanting to lose momentum, One World followed almost exactly a year after Ecology, and yielded another hit single in a longtime classic, “I Just Want to Celebrate.” The song peaked on the pop charts at number seven and the album broke the Top 50. They released a live album in December of the same year. For the next album, Willie Remembers, the group insisted on doing all originals, a move that was not common around the Motown camp. Unfortunately, for a band trying to prove a point, the album never reached the type of sales of previous records. Indeed, it stalled out at number 90, and the single “Good Time Sally” didn’t even break the Top 50.

Motown tightened the creative grip on the group and original producer Norman Whitfield, who had worked with the group on earlier albums, was brought in to save the day. The resulting album, Ma, was released in May of 1973 and fared just a little better than Willie Remembers, peaking at number 65. The label was not pleased and sent the group into the studio to record with Stevie Wonder. That pairing did not really gel, though, and only two tracks were recorded, neither of which were released. Instead, the label sought to release another live album, trying to regain the spark that Rare Earth had had. That project also fell by the wayside, though.

What followed was a series of lineup changes and legal battles, and the group stopped touring altogether in 1974. The following year Rare Earth, in a new lineup, released Back to Earth. The album did a bit better than the previous one, reaching number 59 on the charts. The single, appropriately entitled “It Makes You Happy (But It Ain’t Gonna Last Too Long)” stalled just outside the Top 100. A disco-oriented excursion entitled Midnight Lady was released in 1976, but failed to really go anywhere. To make matters worse, Rare Earth Records was discontinued altogether. The band had broken up by this time.

As fate would have it, though, this was not the end of Rare Earth. Instead, Barney Ales, who had presided over Rare Earth Records, started his own label Prodigal Records. He talked the group into reuniting to record the label debut. The resulting album, Rare Earth, was released in 1977 and made no real waves in the music business. Rare Earth got things together again for a marathon recording session the following year. That session yielded not one, but two albums. The first was Band Together, released in April of 1978, with Grand Slam following in September. Neither of those albums every really took off, either. The group essentially broke up in 1978, although a version of the original lineup was touring all the way into 1983. A different incarnation of the group, with just two original members, still makes the circuits.

This is part of Sony Music’s budget cd releases and it’s an excellent live recording of Rare Earth as they sound today. For those interested there are three original members of the group but drummer Peter Rivera who sang “Get Ready” and “I Just Want To Celebrate” plus many more is no longer with Rare Earth, having left to pursue a solo career in the early eighties. This incarnation of Rare Earth performs many of the group’s standards such as the already mentioned hits “Get Ready”, “I Just Want To Celebrate” plus “Give Me Shelter”, “The Game Of Love”, “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”, “(I Know) I’m Losing You” plus four more. The sound quality of this recording is excellent and the band puts on a great show. I noticed on Rare Earth‘s website you can buy their “Live” cd so I’m not sure if this is the same concert or not.


01 – Hey Big Brother – 05:37 – 13.99 MB – 320 kBit/s – 124.17 BPM
02 – Born To Wander – 07:52 – 19.15 MB – 320 kBit/s – 147.91 BPM
03 – Papa Was A Rrolling Stone – 07:37 – 18.57 MB – 320 kBit/s – 118.53 BPM
04 – The Love You Save – 03:09 – 8.39 MB – 320 kBit/s – 117.59 BPM
05 – Tobacco Road – 08:33 – 20.73 MB – 320 kBit/s – 115.08 BPM
06 – Game Of Love – 04:53 – 12.34 MB – 320 kBit/s – 96.45 BPM
07 – Give Me Shelter – 05:33 – 13.88 MB – 320 kBit/s – 125.27 BPM
08 – ( I Know ) I’m Losing You – 13:31 – 32.09 MB – 320 kBit/s – 95.97 BPM
09 – Get Ready – 15:19 – 36.20 MB – 320 kBit/s – 141.59 BPM
10 – I Just Want To Celebrate – 07:44 – 18.86 MB – 320 kBit/s – 95.53 BPM



01-Feelin` Alright
02-Get Ready
03-In Bed
04-Magic Key
05-Tobacco Road
06-Train To Nowhere
Bonus Tracks(singles):
07 – Generation (Light Up The Sky)
08 – Get Ready
09 – (I Know) I’m Losing You
10 – When Joanie Smiles
11 – Here Comes The Night
12 – Hey Big Brother
13 – Love Shines Down
14 – Chained
15 – Fresh From The Can


Quote :
This rhythm-and-blues band from Detroit musicians organized group
“The sunliners”, existing since 1961. In the first part of “Rare earth
included Gil Bridges (saxophone), Pete Rivera (drums), John Perche (bass), Rod
Richards (guitar) and Kenny James (keyboards). First studio work
team was the album “Dreams Answers”, released on the “MGM / Verve”. However,
the real success expected “Rare earth“, when they moved under the roof
“Motown records”. Despite the fact that the label specialized in
“black” music (a “redkozemeltsy” were white), their work is so
relished leadership to the firm that it has even organized a special
unit called “Rare Earth Records”.
The first creation in a new place called “Get ready” by the same name
21-minute composition, which occupied an entire side of the plate. It is due to
this song, the band made ​​its way into the charts and won the road on the radio.
Then the musicians worked on the soundtrack for “Generation”, and then
appearance percussionist Eddie Guzman recorded the album “Ecology”. despite
the fact that the drive took the charts 15-th line and spawned two hit singles,
after his exit left the team and James Richards. Jobs took Ray
Monette and Mark Olsen, with the participation of which was made the album “One world”.
The success of this record provided a composition “I just want to celebrate”,
Raised in the American charts to seventh position. In the same year, “Rare
earth “released a double live album, which recognized for collective status
powerful “live act”. This work was the last for John Persha,
ceded bass Mike Urso.
Next Vinyl pancake musicians took to produce themselves, but the idea
was unsuccessful, and “Willie remembers” turned out weaker than their
predecessors. Go to the next release of the group arrived with internal
conflicts, because of which then left Rivera and Urso.
The tense situation has affected the quality of work, and “Motown” refused
releasing a live album “Live in Chicago” because of “disgusting
sound. “Exit out of the situation Gil, Ray and Eddie tried to
a set of new recruits: Jerry La Crocs (saxophone, flute), Reggie
McBride (bass), Frosty (percussion), Paul Warren (guitar) and Geybriela
Katona (keyboards). However, the album “Back to Earth” was not able to reach the level of
early work, and was followed the next reshuffle.
Disco-oriented record in 1976, “Midnight lady”, became
the latest release of the band under the banner of “Motown”. Barney Eles, which
recently led the “Rare Earth Records”, founded an independent record label
“Prodigal” and sent a command to it.
Rare Earth” for some time to keep afloat, although staff
problems did not leave them for a long time. In the early 80’s the band for a long
time out of sight, and appeared on the horizon until the end of the decade.
In 1993, he released a new studio album, but the subsequent time staff
satisfied with only the various collections.
Rockers RARE EARTH became the first white artists who signed with Tamla Motown, black musical empire Berry Gordy, which for them has opened a new label Rare Earth, focused mainly on heavy metal music, which, in turn, became the first experience in the field of intrusion Motown, until owned exclusively by white musicians.
The band was formed in 1968, although its founding fathers Gil Bridges (Gil Bridges; saxophone, flute, vocals), John Perche (John Persh; trombone, bass) and Pete Rivera (Pete Rivera; drums, vocals), born and raised in Detroit , became friends on the basis of a common interest in music Motown, and in 1967 organized the first own band THE SUNLINERS, which played a weighted version of the blues standards, soul hits and, of course, Motown rooms in clubs and bars of his native city. Initially, the group is not stable, so when it came two new musicians, Rob Richards (Rob Richards; guitar, vocals) and Kenny James (Kenny James; keyboards), the name was changed to RARE EARTH. In the same 1968, the band signed with Verve and recorded as bad on repertoire and sounding album Dream Answers.
Fate smiled at them when the concert RARE EARTH looked Dennis Caffi, session guitarist c Motown (and, incidentally, also white!). Powerful hard with intonations of blues and soul, strong vocal polyphony, improvisation, turns three-minute songs in a half-hour suite, made ​​him feel that he immediately went to Gordy with a new project.
Gordy not only praised the idea Caffi, but went further, proposing to establish a special “white” label that focuses on non-traditional for his company zhanry.Osenyu 1969 RARE EARTH signed a contract with Motown, and early next year have already released their first album for the company Get Ready. It consisted mainly of covers made ​​in their characteristic style: Tobacco Road John Laudermilka, Feelin ‘Alright Dave Mason and nearly dvadtsatidvuhminutnoy epic version of Get Ready THE TEMPTATIONS, which became the main room in the concert band’s repertoire. This, like almost all the other albums RARE EARTH, produced a staff producer Norman Whitfield Motown. By the spring of the album climbed to the 12th row in the American charts, and an abbreviated version of the radio format to … Get Ready … in June 1971 became the 4th, giving the last hit THE BEATLES The Long And Winding Road. In July RARE EARTH tore two hundred thousandth of the crowd cheering at a rock festival in Atlanta, where in addition they played Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, MOUNTAIN, JETHRO TULL and many others.
After the release of their third album Ecology (№ 15 in 1970), which included two more hits: another remake of THE TEMPTATIONS (I Know) I’m Losing You (№ 20 in the blues section and number 7 in the pop-list) and Born To Wander (number 48 / № 17), left the band Richards, which took place guitarist Ray Monette (Ray Monette). In early 1971 it was followed by James, who was replaced by just two musicians: Edward Guzman (Edward Guzman; percussion) and Mark Olson (Mark Olson; keyboards, piano, vocals).
In the same 1971 the group made several successful works: singles I Just Want To Celebrate (№ 30 / № 7) Hey, Big Brother (№ 48 / № 19) were not cover versions, and the pen of the author duo Zesses and Fekaris , with whom the band collaborated on the recommendation of Whitfield. In general, the proportion of original material in the repertoire RARE EARTH grown from album to album, although they continued to occasionally interpret other people’s rooms and, in particular, the Beatles Eleanor Rigby and What’d I Say Ray Charles. In 1971 Billboard top40 were recorded two more albums RARE EARTH, One World (№ 28) and double-Live In Concert (№ 29), but after the group got into a strip of stagnation.
1972 was marked by the change of the composition: left Perche, came Michael Urso (Michael Urso; bass, vocals) and Pete Hurlebek (Pete Hoorelbeke; drums, vocals). In 1973, the world saw two more albums, Willie Remembers and Ma, then went Rivera, leaving only Hurlebeka drummer, but there was a singer Barry Frost (Barry Frost). On the next album Back To Earth absent Olson and Frost, but there Dan Ferguson (Dan Ferguson; guitar) and Ron Frauzen (Ron Frausen; keyboards), and on the eighth and final motaunskom album Midnight Lady Bridges Trio-Monette Guzman stepped new reggae musician “GAKS” McBride (Reggie Gux McBride; bass), Frank Westbrook (Frank Westbrook; keyboards) and ex-vocalist-saxophonist BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS Lyakrua Jerry (Jerry LaCroix).
Over the years, albums RARE EARTH steadily slipping in the lower half of TOP100, hits since 1971 was no longer in the end of 1975 the group was fired from Motown – we must recognize that, in addition to them, Rare Earth Records Gordy did not bring any serious success and closed in the mid-70s. McBride left in the summer of 1976 a group of Tommy Bolin, but RARE EARTH did not give up and signing a new contract with the Prodigal, published in 1977-79 three more albums – Rare Earth, Band Together and Grand Slam. Two of them have been observed in Top200.
Although over 80 years of RARE EARTH has been heard, the group fell apart, and like many survivors of his fame artist, working in Europe. Its composition during this time has changed several times and by the end of the decade RARE EARTH remained themselves in name only. In 1989 the Hamburg firm Line released their concert album recorded with Made In Schwitzerland.

01 – Born To Wander
02 – Long Time Leavin’
03 – (I Know) I’m Losing You
04 – Satisfaction Guaranteed
05 – Nice Place To Visit
06 – No.i Man
07 – Eleanor Rigby


sixth album. Written and produced by Norman Whitfield (Norman Whitfield). Song “Ma” and performed his other wards – The Temptations (Masterpiece album of the same in 1973) and The Undisputed Truth (album Higher Than High, 1975), but they were not rockers.

01. Ma (Norman Whitfield) – 17:14
02. Big John Is My Name (Norman Whitfield) – 4:14
03. Smiling Faces Sometimes (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) – 5:59
04. Hum Along And Dance (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) – 5:14
05. Come With Me (Norman Whitfield) – 4:44

– Peter Hoorelbeke – drums, percussion, lead vocals
– Gil Bridges – flute, woodwinds, percussion, vocals
– Michael Urso – bass, vocals
– Ray Monette – lead guitar
– Mark Olson – keyboards, vocals
– Edward Guzman – congas, timbales
– Norman Whitfield – producer


01-It Makes You Happy (But It Ain’t Gonna Last Too Long)
02-Wallking Schtick
03-Keeping Me Out Of The Storm
04-Delta Melody
05-Happy Song
06-Let Me Be Your Sunshine
07-Boogie With Me Children
08-City Life
1975 – Back to Earth


01-What’d I Say
02-If I Die
03-The Seed
04-I Just Want To Celebrate
05-Someone To Love
06-Any Man Can Be A Fool
07-The Road
08-Under God’s Light
1971 – One World

01 – I Just Want To Celebrate
02 – Hey Big Brother
03 – Born To Wander
04 – Get Ready
05 – What’d I Say
06 – Thoughts
07 – (I Know) I’m Losing You
08 – Nice To Be With You
1971 – In Concert


01-Good Time Sally
02-Every Now And Then We Get To Go On Down To Miami
03-Think Of The Children
04-Got To Get Myself Back Home
05-Come With Your Lady
06-Would You Like To Come Along
1972 – Willie Remembers


Rare Earth~1977 – Rare Earth @320


01 – Love Has Lifted Me
02 – Is Your Teacher Cool
03 – Foot Loose And Fancy Free
04 – When I Write
05 – Share My Love
06 – Tin Can People
07 – I Really Love You
08 – Crazy Love
09 – Ah Dunno!!!
1977 – Rare Earth

01 – Warm Ride
02 – You
03 – Love Is What You Get (If Love Is What You Give Me)
04 – Love Do Me Right
05 – Dreamer
06 – Maybe The Magic
07 – Love Music
08 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Man
09 – Mota Molata
1978 – Band Together


01-She’s Trouble
02-Livin’in A Different World
03-Reach Out
04-I Got The Feeling
05-Can’t Stop Love
06-Lady Madonna
07-Slippin’ Away
08-Live It Up
09-How Sweet It Is
10-Hey, Pretty Baby
11-Tobacco Road


Rare Earth~1994 – Earth Tones (The Essential Rare Earth) @320

01. Warm Ride
02. I Just Want To Celebrate
03. (I Know) I’m Losing You
04. Satisfaction Guaranteed
05. I Couldn’t Believe What Happened Last Night
06. Ma (Single Version)
07. Hey Big Brother (Live)
08. Dreamer
09. Get Ready


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