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In the early ’70s in America MOUNTAIN group was one of the most
popular teams, they, like many already believed, occupied a niche that
has been vacant since the collapse of the great CREAM. In just three years the team
recorded three highly successful studio albums and one live.
And this in turn has made them the stars of the first magnitude, not only at
at home, but also in England, Europe and Japan. headed
guitar virtuoso Leslie West (Leslie West) and a brilliant producer and
multiinstrumentalist Felix Pappalardi (Felix Pappalardi) team
released a umopomrachayuschy hard rock, which stood with dignity
the test of time.
MOUNTAIN roots leave in the middle of the 60s, when F. Pappalardo and
keyboardist Steve Knight (Steve Night) met in the group DEVIL’S ANVIL.
Pappalardo had already had a great reputation as a producer, and
He has been working with Tim Hardin (Tin Hardin), Joan Baez (Joan
Baez) and LOVIN ‘SPONFULL. And in 1967 he won a seat in the producer themselves
CREAM recording their landmark album Desraeli Gears. Except that
Felix has created a unique atmosphere on the record, which, incidentally, was not able to
repeat no next album, he also wrote two songs for
album. Also, even as a producer Pappalardo had to work with
New York team VAGRANTS, where he first heard the game Leslie
West. And it should be noted that the latter was able to impress that even after his
work with God himself (Clapton is God).
Duet two geniuses JOLLIVER ARKANSAS not brought them special laurels and L.Uest
decided to start a solo career, inviting entry is now close
friend F. Pappalardo. Paradoxically,. The degree of involvement with Felix
recording a solo disc West was almost more than in later
MOUNTAIN: apart from producer duties he took on bass, and keys
most of the material composition. But success prompted him to create a disk
group, naming it in honor of his friend’s solo CD. Thus,
composition MOUNTAIN supplement the already known to us, Steve Knight and drummer Norman
Smart (Norman Smart). And summer 69go this four went to conquer
Stadiums America. Their fourth appearance at the festival had to
Woodstock … Things were clearly on the rise and in the beginning appeared in 70go
sale of their most famous album “Mountain Climbing”, caught in US TOP
20. A single from it “Mississippi queen” made ​​it to the 21st place. continuing
continuous touring, MOUNTAIN to top 71go recorded a new album
“Nantucket sleighride”. The sound is pretty much unchanged, although
hard-blues style they have not changed, the music became more sophisticated.
Then Smart succeeded Corky Laing (Corky Laing), a great drummer,
guitarist, vocalist and composer. Their second album also reached the US TOP
20, but here’s “Flowers of evil”, which was released in 72m, barely reached the TOP 40.
The audience did not want a new face for a favorite team, and their progressive
findings go unnoticed at the time. Releasing goodbye
live album “The road goes ever on” (UK TOP 20), the group disbanded. West and
Lang ignoring the demands of the market created a trio, perhaps more
powerful than CREAM – WEST, BRUCE & LAING. As the name implies the third was
Jack Bruce (Jack Bruce). Having released two excellent studio albums (“Why
Dont’cha “in 1972,” Whatever turns you on “1973) and a live album (” Live and
kicking “1974), the trio broke up. It is a pity, as the material submitted
listener was something stronger CREAM and MOUNTAIN. After the departure of Bruce West and
Lang organized LESLIE WEST’S WILD WEST SHOW- group even less
popularity. But also Pappalardo has not fared best way – it
sick and tired of sitting in the studio for the remote control, the soul was torn at the scene. And so
few people are surprised by the fact that the reformed MOUNTAIN (Allen
Shwartzberg-drums, Robert Mann-keyboards) went on tour. Upon assuming
recording a new album, the band took 2nd guitarist Dave Perry (Dave Perry)
and returned Corky Laing. But even the success of the “Avalanche” (a drive and very true
good) was not for MOUNTAIN new road to the top. The team again
disintegrated. Further history Pappalardo was pretty sad.
Recorded two solo albums (1976.1979), he went to live in Japan, while in the 83m in
accident his wife not shot. (Gail Collins –
author of most lyrics of the group) and L.Uest K.Leng organized
LESLIE WEST BAND and released two decent albums (1975, 1976). early
80th reunion was MOUNTAIN, but new material has not appeared.
In 1985, Leslie West makes too bold step – reforming MOUNTAIN
without Pappalardo, Mark Clark (Mark Clarke ex-COLOSSEUM, TEMPEST) on
bass and keyboards. Appears and a new album “Go for your life” and the group
goes on tour. Having participated with DEEP PURPLE at Knebworth
festival, the band broke up again. The following variations MOUNTAIN (1996, 2003)
brought the audience worthy of hard disks blues, West wrote a lot
interesting solo album, but the lack of work on them Pappalardo gave about
felt. None of them, even the best (and among them there is a very
downhole albums) can not stand on a par with the classic 70’s group

01 – Mississippi Queen.
02 – Theme for an Imaginary Western.
03 – Never in My Life.
04 – Silver Paper.
05 – For Yasgur’s Farm.
06 – To My Friend.
07 – Laird.
08 – Sittin’ on a Rainbow.
09 – Boys in the Band.
Leslie West – guitar / vocal
Felix Pappalardi – bass / vocal
N.D. Smart – drums
Steve Night – keyboards

Mountain~1970 – Climbing! (320kbps).rar 83.2 MB!LIMiyIpJ!-jZ4fvUSYT9Ftae9DnQN1tomqodgHNM0WbbdNnZxNrQ

02-TAUNTA (Sammy’s Tune).
10-TRAVELIN’ IN THE DARK (To E.M.P.) (Live).

Leslie West – guitar / vocal
Felix Pappalardi – bass / vocal
N.D. Smart – drums
Steve Night – keyboards
Mountain~1971 – Nantucked Sleighride(320kbps).rar 96.2 MB!WIs2STqb!WV_KAbGHYGre7kESKGC53FKSPh5Nr221IDBa5ARLcnE

01 – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.
02 – Sister Justice.
03 – Alisan.
04 – Swamp Boy.
05 – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.
06 – Thumbsucker.
07 – You Better Believe It.
08 – I Love to See You Fly.
09 – Back Where I Belong.
10 – Last of the Sunshine Days

Leslie West – guitar / vocal
Felix Pappalardi – bass / vocal
N.D. Smart – drums
Steve Night – keyboards

Mountain~1975 – Avalanche (320kbps).rar (95,65 MB)!nF8zDApS!uuS-jEQo3I_zEtJLRICa2fePSo0eLC-vNLXEmMTMO80


01 – In Your Face.
02 – Nobody Gonna Steal My Thunder.
03 – This Is a Man’s World.
04 – So Fine.
05 – Hotel Happiness.
06 – I’m Sorry.
07 – I Look (Power Mix).
08 – Is That Okay.
09 – Crest of a Slump.
10 – You’ll Never Be Alone.
11 – I Look (Hit Mix).
Leslie West – guitar / vocal
Felix Pappalardi – bass / vocal
N.D. Smart – drums
Steve Night – keyboards!uRMmDRKb!mmkRUmAg6h4csG0zlHijsw4D52gcoc5Ul3f596BB8Z0

01 – Hard Times.
02 – Spark.
03 – She Loves Her Rock (And She Loves It Hard).
04 – Bardot Damage.
05 – Shimmy On The Footlights.
06 – I Love Young Girls.
07 – Makin It In Your Car.
08 – Babe In The Woods.
09 – Little Bit Of Insanity.

Leslie West – guitar / vocal
Felix Pappalardi – bass / vocal
N.D. Smart – drums
Steve Night – keyboards
Mountain~2001 – Go For Your Life(320kbps).rar (113,53 MB)!qMEB1KBS!LXyEV00DQs9FIRNwbv2zdjheRoHfNkzGXRkoOREGFAw

01 – Immortal.
02 – Mystic Fire.
03 – Fever.
04 – The Sea.
05 – Mutant X.
06 – Better Off With The Blues.
07 – Mountain Express (Oh Boy).
08 – Marble PeachRotten Peach.
09 – Johnny Comes Marching Home.
10 – Nantucket Sleighride (Redux).
Files in “Mountain High”

Mountain~2002 – Mystic Fire (Mountain High) (320kbps).rar (109,54 MB)!acE0jaza!_ZgZxYxjdY6GQlS0plcfQEhD5maSasRO91QGUU_P1WI


01 – Masters Of War.
02 – Serve somebody with.
03 – Blowin’ In The Wind (heavy).
04 – Everything Is Broken.
05 – Highway 61 Revisited.
06 – This Heart Of Mine.
07 – Subterranean Homesick Blues.
08 – The Times They Are A-changin’.
09 – Seven Days.
10 – Mr. Tambourine Man.
11 – Like A Rolling Stone.
12 – Blowin’ In The Wind (acoustic).
Mountain: Leslie West (vocals, guitars); Todd Wolfe (guitar); Brian Mitchell (accordion, piano, organ); Ritchie Scarlet, Kenny Aronson (bass guitar); Corky Laing (drums).
Additional personnel: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals); Warren Haynes (guitar).
Mountain~2007 – Masters Of War(320kbps).rar (119,14 MB)!mZ8WCCzC!bDem9SlQdaPyr5GMUL7vzW0G9zEKvX_28mPvOuugSsA

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