Juicy Lucy~1970-Lie Back And Enjoy It

Blues-rock band “Juicy Lucy” was founded in London in 1970 on the ruins of the American band “The misunderstood”, moved from California town of Riverside in the British capital in 1965.
Back in America, “The misunderstood” released on the label “Blues Sound” heels singles, starting with “You
Do not Have To Go”. After the release of the single “I Can Take You To The Sun” band leader, vocalist Rick Brown raked into the army. Guitarist Tony Hill went into “Hightide”. The team was disbanded, but in 1969 the band back together. At that time, the composition was as follows: “oldies” Glenn Ross Campbell (guitar) and Guy Evans (drums), former lead singer of “Grease band” Steve Hord, guitarist Neil Hubbard (ex- “Graham Bond organisation”), bassist Nick Potter and former member of the “Bluesbreakers” John Mayall keyboardist Chris Mercer.
Revived team has released three singles, the latter, “Never Had A Girl (Like You Before)”, was released under the guise of a stupid long “The misunderstood featuring Glenn ‘Fernando’ Campbell”.
Juicy LucyNa next year the team changed its name to “Juicy Lucy“. By the time Harry went to the “Van Der Graaf generator”. His place was taken by “vandergrafovets” Keith Ellis. In addition, the group has a new vocalist Ray Owen. The debut album “Juicy Lucy” took the 41 th position in the British charts, and the first single “Who Do You Love?” was also present in the charts. Owens briefly stayed in the team and soon left to organize his solo project “Ray Owen’s moon”, issued the 1971 self-titled album. The next singer “Juicy Lucy” was Paul Williams of “Blue whale”. But staff turnover has not ended, as soon piled up at the same time guitarist and drummer. For drums now sat Rod Coombs, and new guitarist Micky Moody became (ex- “Roadrunners” and “Tramline”).
After the release of their second album “Lie Back And Enjoy It” was a regular change in the composition – China Ellis took place former member of the “Fat mattress” Jim Leverton. The group slowly progressed, but still constant rearrangements hampered business. In 1971, the “Juicy Lucy” signed “Bronze Records”.
Juicy LucyTogda as the team came keyboardist Gene Russell. After the release of their third album, “Get A Whiff Of This”, the band have Leverton, joined the “Hemlock”, and he was replaced by Andy Pyle (ex- “Savoy brown” and “Blodwyn pig”). Coombs also served on the side, in the “Steeler’s wheel”, replaced by Ron Berg. From the “old men” at that time were only Campbell and Mercer. In 1972 came the last album, “Pieces”. After his record Pyle decided to return to “Savoy brown”, taking with him Berg. Unable to endure the constant routine work “Juicy Lucy” ceased to exist. Williams then played in “Tempest”, Moody beat a bunch of different teams, starting with “Snafu” and ending with “Whitesnake”, Pyle “marked” Gary Moore in “Kinks” and “Wishbone ash”.
In 1997, Moody’s re-assembled “Juicy Lucy” in Addiction with Paul Williams, Andy Pyle and drummer Henry Spinetti. As always, they played together for long, and at the end of the millennium, Ray Owen has once again revived “Lyuska.” This time he helped Glenn Campbell, Chris Mercer and Neil Hubbard.

01-Thinking Of My Life
02-built For Comfort
03-Pretty Woman
04-Whisky In My Jar
05-Hello LA Bye Bye Birmingham
06-Changed My Mind
07-That Woman’s Got Something
08-Willie The Pimp
09-Lie Back And Enjoy It
10-Walking Down the Highway
11-I’m A Thief


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